Fettler v1.0

A free dungeon tile set generator

Magic is impressive, but now Minsc leads. Free tiles for everyone!


Fettler is a series of Bash scripts. It can apply a grid to a floor and wall texture using a tile "mask" to easily create useful tiles for Roll20, other VTT systems, or where-ever you can make use of modular tile geomorphs. It has the ability to generate a large number of pre-defined masks for you, as well as some grids.

Once you have masks, textures, and a grid, you just need to run the script to generate a full set of tiles.

My hope is that these scripts make building and re-skinning a tile library much easier tasks.  If you make cool tile sets (and the textures allow it), share them with others!  If you make new masks, share them too!  If you add to the mask script, share it and let me know so I can include more masks in future updates!


-Windows with Cygwin (tested), or anything with Bash (other platforms untested)


Download (with some textures, 11.8 MB) or get from GitHub (does not include any textures).
Unzip and untar.
Check that you have ImageMagick set up correctly. From Bash, the command:
 magick convert logo: logo.png
should produce the logo.png file. If it does not, Fettler scripts will not work.
Personally, I found it easier to get the Windows Binary Release build (currently ImageMagick-7.0.4-10-Q16-x64-dll.exe) of ImageMagick working correctly with Cygwin.


From a Bash prompt, you should cd into the directory Fettler is installed in. Here's how to use them:


This is optional, but included for convenience if you need something to set your PATH to include ImageMagick if it's not there already. Edit to point to your ImageMagick path, and source with:
 . ./setenv.sh


Creates a set of overlay grids. When used, the overlay will appear on the floor, but not the wall. You can just run it:
and it will generate a bunch of grid files and put them in the "grids" sub-directory.


Creates a set of tile masks, white for walls, black for floor. Edit the script if you want to change whether it outputs rotated versions - many seamless tiles won't still tile when rotated, so having rotated masks will generate extra, already rotated versions of tiles that need it. Run with:
and it will generate a bunch of masks files and put them in the "masks" sub-directory.


Applies a grid to a set of masks, using a wall and floor texture. You will want to edit this to set the textures you want, as well as a few other options. Once you've set what you want, run:
and it will create a tile file for every mask file and put them in  the "output" sub-directory.


Converts a directory of pngs to jpgs. This is optional, but if you want more compressed version of the tiles, this will mass convert them. Run:
and it will convert all the pngs in "output" and put all of them them into the "output_jpg" sub-directory.

Known issues

-Sometime ImageMagick (at least the Win64 build I have) hangs trying to process jpgs when loading textures. Converting the jpgs to pngs solves the issue.

Possible future plans

-Move some of the options to env. variables and/or command-line options, so scripts don't need to be edited directly.
-Add a "liquid" layer, another layer mask that applies a texture between the floor and wall layers, for making sewers, lava channels, etc.
-Add option for using single larger map-sized mask for making a single map file.
-Expand built-in support to options other than 6x6
-Windows batch file support, and/or some other more cross-platform support, like Python.
-Some sort of "decoration" support for doors, etc.
-... other suggestions?


Check Twitter and this blog for updates!

Some sources for seamless tileable textures:
and doctorfree's mkseamless.sh:

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  1. The original version had a small bug with the soft "box" grids -- they would have a difference around the edge of the tile. It's fixed here: